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2022 Commercial Breeder of the Year

MacRae Ranch

Congratulations to MacRae Ranch on being named the Alberta Hereford Association's Commercial Breeder of the Year for 2022.

The ranch was started in 1914 when John and Mary MacRae emmigrated from Scotland and bought their first quarter of land at Hardisty, AB. The ranch was predominantly a Shorthorn outfit, but they purchased their first Hereford bull in 1954. After breeding most of the herd while their Shorthorn bull laid in the shade, the ranch made the decision to move into Hereford cattle.

Today the ranch continues to appreciate the disposition and hardiness of the Hereford breed and all of the boxes they still check. With the help of family and friends, the ranch has the privilege of running up to 300 cow/calf pairs and 75 Quarter Horses.

Surviving through the ranch, the MacRae’s have weathered the many ups and downs of the cattle business and are optimistic about their future with plans for expansion and generational growth in the industry.

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